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I’m Mary, founder of Mary Langer Designs. I started my company to bring my creative and intuitive approach to small businesses and individuals who understand the value of unique and modern designs mixed with the right amount of marketing strategy. If you have been searching for this, then you came to the right designer! 


I love serving the world by building beautiful, quality brands and crafting something from nothing. My strength is the ability to find and highlight what makes your business unique.

I am passionate and dedicated to creating solutions that present the best of you.


I am mostly known for delivering lasting impact on overall brand design and strategy but also for my ability to find solutions to challenges that pop up from nowhere.


In addition to brand design, I also teach my clients about the importance of brand consistency and how to incorporate their new look on multiple platforms — web, social and print.


I strongly believe in giving back by continually educating anyone who is interested in growing their business and who values the power of design strategy, by providing time, resources and knowledge. See my Resources page as well as my social links above to receive free advice and tips.​









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A FEW  fun facts ABOUT MARY

On most days you can find me with a cup of coffee in my hand (or tea in the afternoon) walking my dog around the quaint town of Maynard MA.


When I am not working on my design business, I am getting books from the library. I love to learn and always have a pile of non-fiction books by my bed, calling to me each night to pick them up. Sleep almost always wins.


Here are 5 things you might not know about me…



I went to college for accounting but ended up with a business degree before going back for graphic design.



I am an East Coast girl with West Coast dreams.



I have a 10-year-old girl named Amaya who digs unicorns, pineapples and anything squishy.



I love the summer sun, chilling on a beach, and photographing nature.



I have a love for anything fuzzy... but you might guess that by my office companions (see below).


Now that you know me...

Meet the design team


MEIKO: Expert exercise coach, snuggler, and ball player. "I have never met a ball
or stick I didn't like."


MAJOR: Chair warmer, expert snacker, and office spy. "Um, duh, feed me. Yes, again."


CELESTE: The quiet one, princess, and butt photo bomber. "You didn't see me here."