I created a new brand for my client's company, Through the Heart Healing. I started with competitive research and target audience analysis for her industry. I created the logo, chose the color palette and type, resourced the photographer, and art directed photography style and wardrobe for the photoshoot. 


After those pieces were complete, I designed a 6-page, mobile-ready website with a unique U.I. at the request of the client. I also helped wordsmith the main headlines and helped edit content on the site.


To finish the branding project, I designed business cards and gift certificates utilizing the new brand elements.


I also built Mailchimp lists that connected with a Campaign that consisted of 2 automated emails — one with a downloadable PDF and the other linking to her blog page.


I also provided content for the Instagram marketing that was driving users to the campaign emails. After 4 days, the Campaign has a 75% open rate and a 75% click rate.


Designer: Mary Ladybird

Photographer: Asher & Oak